Meet the Diverse Needs of Patrons and Increase Library Visibility

Public libraries serve the information needs of patrons with diverse interests and backgrounds. We can help. EBSCO’s wide array of public library resources will meet the many needs of your users while helping you maximize your budget. By leveraging the latest technology and strongest content, you’ll bring patrons the information they’re seeking through a simple user experience.

EBSCO can help you increase the visibility of your library within your community. With EBSCO, you’ll help patrons answer everyday questions while introducing them to other helpful library services. Whether patrons are looking for a new reading recommendation, conducting genealogical research or simply seeking homework help, EBSCO can help you meet the needs of your entire community. Among many other services, patrons can benefit from:

  • Language learning help with Rosetta Stone Library Solution
  • Do-It-Yourself information for completing projects
  • The ability to read and download digital magazines on a tablet device
  • Research databases that help students with homework, improve their research skills and provide content that aligns with curriculum standards

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