Industry Expertise

When you work with EBSCO, you work with a team of people with strong ties to libraries and information technology. EBSCO leverages employee knowledge in every step of the product development process—from user research and database design to collection development and content acquisition.

Technology Team

EBSCO has one of the largest technology teams in the industry, dedicated entirely to discoverability of premium content. We invest heavily in technology talent, making us one of the most innovative technology partners in the industry. From our back-end infrastructure and user interfaces to implementations and customer support, every aspect of EBSCO service is informed by technological expertise.


EBSCO employs hundreds of experienced librarians in all areas of our workplace—from collection development to the customer satisfaction and technology departments. Our librarians are involved in every facet of the content delivery process. Understanding librarianship and having this expertise throughout all EBSCO departments aligns our goals with yours—to help provide the strongest content combined with the best back-end technology systems for your users.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers trust EBSCO Health for current information because content undergoes a strict evidence-based methodology carried out by their peers. EBSCO has a leadership community that is dedicated to objectively reporting findings and identifying and evaluating evidence. The leadership and editorial faculty includes hundreds of clinicians, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and librarians.

Subject Matter Specialists

EBSCO relies on subject matter experts to maintain, create and build content that will reach and inspire users of diverse interests. Subject specialists write abstracts and index articles for products, and subject-specific lexicographers create subject headings and controlled vocabularies necessary for the accurate indexing of articles on EBSCO products. That means content is processed with different users in mind—content for nurses is reviewed and indexed by fellow nurses, and content in the liberal arts or sciences is likewise processed by people with experience in those fields.

Curriculum Specialists

With backgrounds in teaching and education, our curriculum specialists ensure that content in EBSCO’s K-12 schools resources meet and exceed curriculum standards worldwide. These specialists understand students’ and teachers’ pain points, and strive to acquire content and create products that support classroom instruction at all levels, aid in student research and promote information literacy.

User Researchers

EBSCO’s User Research team ensures the usability of EBSCO products. Our experts conduct contextual inquiries and extensive usability testing to improve existing products and identify opportunities for creating new products. Learn more about user research at EBSCO.

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